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Tips on collecting marbles 


Tips on collecting contemporary art glass marbles.

Look for an artist who signs and/or dates their little gems. Who has a variety of original designs and creates new ones. Quality is a must. Artists who make reproductions should have very obvious and definitive differences between the old and the new. such as a signature or a unique pontil mark, different colors, etc. adding aventurine (Lutz)* where the original does not have any. Reproductions should not be sold as antique yet it's been done. Even the experts have been fooled! It can be hard to tell the difference in colors as well. Some say they can tell, well I make marbles and I have a tough time recognizing the difference between some old colors and the new ones. All that aside, it's really after all up to the eye of the beholder! Remember the most important thing: Quality and what YOU like! 
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