Fusing glass supplies, beadmaking, art glass and marbles.

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Buy or sell almost anything. No listing fees, free image hosting, and automatic re-list. Sellers may link ads to their own websites.
This site has a wealth of information and resources for the glass collector and glass artist.
A non profit organization offering memberships, discounts for supplies as well a sources guide. I recommend IGGA. Visit their web site.
Art Schools Search dot com is a search engine, which will help you find art colleges to start your art education.
A handmade glass bead and jewelry studio - dichroic glass - jewelry, crystals, fossil, fused glass, beadwork
Artists who make extraordinary glass lighting. Visit their web site.
Okra Glass is a maker of some of the finest art glass I have had the pleasure to view online. Okra Glass is located in England. I encourage you to visit this site.
Access history, pics and resources for marble collectors in an excellent directory from a maker and auctioneer of fine marbles.
Going once, going twice...you get the point. Marble fanciers can shoot into this site to place bids on the glassworks of their dreams.
Marble fanciers can locate beautiful, full-color images, background info and more in this worldwide marble collector's site.
Bo has a collection of some great vintage marbles and has some beautiful contemporary hand made marbles by several artists for sale.
For beautiful art work and paintings please visit us.
Larry's Old Time Trade Days- Flea Market, Winnie Texas
We have a wide range of bali silver beads and silver from Indonesia. Our prices are very reasonable for international sourcing.
Beautiful hand blown glass gifts for the home and office including nautical gifts, platters, wine glasses and more.
Sterling silver beads and Bali silver jewelry from the Paradise Island. Wholesale beads prices for everyone!
YU Art 
The Complete A to Z of Art Resources!
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dicroic pendant instructions 
Click the pendant above to learn how to make a dichroic pendant. (.pdf)