Fusing glass supplies, beadmaking, art glass and marbles.

 How to articles.

In this section you'll find instructions on how to fuse glass, how to make marbles, and more. 

Make fused glass:

 In order to fuse glass you have to know at least some basic properties of the glass. The first thing that is the most important is that all glass is not created equal. Glass expands when heated. This expansion can & is measured. This expansion is called .....

Make glass marbles:

 To make glass marbles using a bench torch or a Map Gas burner, (make sure it says brazing fuel) (the Map Gas is available at most hardware stores.) this technique is called lamp work. First selecting a glass rod approx. 4- 6mm in diameter gently heat the of ....


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dicroic pendant instructions 
Click the pendant above to learn how to make a dichroic pendant. (.pdf)