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Profile of glass artist M. Bolser

Profile of glass artist M. Bolser   
Artist and glass artist Mimi Bolser has been an artist all of her life.
When people ask her how long she has been an artist she likes to say that "I was born with a crayon in my hand!" She is mainly a self taught artist with some college courses. Her work is quite varied since she is prone to experiment with different mediums as well as create special formulas and techniques to accomplish certain special effects in her paintings. Her work shows attention to detail.
Painting only with brushes and has been known to cut her own hair to use as a brush for detail work. When asked if she uses an air brush the answer is no.

Her posters have been sold through Sea World (Orlando, FL). Her work is included in private collections internationally.  
Wanting to do more 3 dimensional work and to have it be functional as well, she is creating fused art glass, wall plaques, and art glass marbles. Her methods consist of modern and traditional glass working techniques. All of her pieces are original creations. This type of work is very time consuming, patience is an absolute requirement. 
Art Glass 2 Glass Works was started in 2000. The studio name came about from her previous business which was Antiques and Art Glass 2 (the number 2 being a pun an the word "Too").    
You can view a few of the items I have made in the fused glass gallery or the glass marble gallery.
Art Glass 2 Glass Works  
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